Parish Council 堂區議會



Parish Council Executives

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Mission Statement

With God’s love and the Holy Spirit, we strive to serve the Lord and the parish community with joy and divine grace.  Through challenging times, we hold onto God and unite every parishioner and family as one.  We reflect on the Lord’s revelation to us through adversity, and we respond to Him by placing our faith into action.

Responsibilities and Services


As the representative body of all parish ministries and working groups, Parish Council Executives collaborate with the Clergy Team in carrying out the mission of the Church and to facilitate pastoral planning pertaining to the pastoral programs and activities of the parish. 

The three pillars of Parish Council Executives services:

Support and facilitate Clergy Team’s planning for the parish;

Proclaim the good news of God’s kingdom;

Promote the unity of ministries.

  • Plan, organize, coordinate, facilitate, and promote parish evangelization and pastoral programs and activities
  • Promote solidarity, communication and cooperation among parish ministries and working groups
  • Through open communication, parish council executives reflect parishioners’ opinions to the Clergy Team so as to meet the needs of the parishioners
  • Encourage parishioners to actively participate in the Church's mission to proclaim the Gospel and sanctify the world
  • Collaborate with all Chinese Parish of Greater Toronto, organize annual joint pilgrimage as well as other activities
  • Support the missionary of Archdiocese of Toronto

The Parish Council Executives are nominated and elected by the parish ministries at large. Elections are to be held in December every two years.

Executives Members’ Contact  :

President –
Mr. Eric Lau

Vice President Internal  -
Ms. Theresa Chun Feng Huang

Vice President External –
Mr. Kamus On

General & IT support –
Mr. Clement Lai

Secretary –
Ms. Dorothy Wong



(March 2022)