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2022 September :

  • On September 8th, join us and celebrate the Nativity of Mary in morning and evening Mass.

  • 天主教北區華人聖若翰堂
    • 北區中文彌撒將於 2022年9月10日 在聖金口若望堂 (St. John Chrysostom Parish, Newmarket) 重新開始服務。

  • First day of Sunday school will be on September 11th.  We will have in-person lesson when the pandemic is stable.  But if condition has changed, we will have online lessons to learn our Catholic faith and experience the presence of God in a warm and loving environment.  (Click here to read more...)

  • Calling for EDGE & LIFE TEEN 2022-2023 Youth Leaders and Volunteers:
    • We are calling on parents, adults and young people to join our EDGE and LIFE TEEN Youth Ministry, which is a Christ-centred youth program aimed at walking with our youth to draw them into a deeper relationship with Christ in their journey of faith. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wishes to evangelize our faith and bring the Culture of Life to our youth. 
    • There are various roles involved and please come to meet us to find out more as we start our class on Sept 25, 2022.  For more information please contact us by email:

  • EDGE and LIFE TEEN class starts September 25, 2022.  (Click here to read more...)

  • Deacan John Wu Talk Series (Cantonese) - Co-hosts: Fountain of Love and Life and Chinese Martyrs Catholic Church 


2022 October :

  • Pro-Life Committee will be joining the annual Life Chain which will be held on October 2, Sunday from 2-3 p.m.  We will be standing at the four corners of McCowan and Steeles, praying and holding signs for the pro-life cause.  This is a national activity across Canada with over 270 life chains that went on last year, and we hope the number will increase this year.  Please pray for the sanctity of life - what's even better is to participate in this meaningful corporate act of charity.

  • Handicraft Holy Land Christians:

    • On the weekend of October 1-2, we will welcome our special guest from Sebastien Cardinal’s team representing "Handicraft Holy Land Christians", who will briefly address the issues and concerns regarding the Christian presence in the Holy Land.
    • Christians in the Holy Land graciously ask your support through conscience prayers and will have many unique hand carved olive wood religious art pieces made by these families in Bethlehem available for purchase after every mass.
    • Proceeds of the sales generate much needed employment for our Christian brothers and sisters in Bethlehem. 
      Cash, debit, credit cards and cheque will be accepted.
      You can visit and support us at