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Newsletter 堂區通訊
Every week you get readings to grow in faith and parish information updates. This week's newsletter ...
Fr Deng Homily Image
Daily Homily by Fr Deng 鄧神父每日福音
鄧神父每日福音分享 音頻    國語福音分享11月29日  粵語主日福音分享11月28日  國語福音分享11月26日  國語福音分享11月25日  國語福音分享11月24日  國語福音分享11月23日  國語福音分享11月22日 ...
monthly golden verse
Monthly Golden Verses 每月聖經金句
Golden Verse for this month 本月聖經金句  
serra club vocation seeds
Toronto Serra Clubs - Vocation Seeds
  Serra’s ‘Vocation Seeds’ are timely Parish Bulletin inserts corresponding to the theme of...
Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
明供聖體及聖體降福   Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction      
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PATRIS CORDE 宗座牧函 – 以父親的心
聖座於12月8日聖母始胎無染原罪瞻禮當天公布了教宗方濟各《以父親的心》(Patris corde)宗座牧函,從今年12月8日至2021年12月8日為特別的「聖若瑟年」。 聖若瑟奉為普世教會主保一百五十周年紀念 APOSTOLIC LETTER "PATRIS CORDE" - "WITH A FATHER’S...

Pope Francis – November 2021
We pray that people who suffer from depression or burn‐out will find support and a light that opens them up to life.
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2755 Denison Street
Markham, ON
L3S 2J3

Office/Mailing Address
2755 Denison Street
Markham, ON
L3S 2J3

t:  905.294.1377

Rev. Andrew Jianwei Deng CSJB

Rev. John Lizu Gan CSJB
Associate Pastor

Rev. Junwei (Michael) Hu CSJB
Associate Pastor

Parish Staff
Sr Alberta Zhan, OP (Pastoral Assistant)

Magdalen Cheung (Lay Pastoral Assistant)

Mary Chow (Funeral Services)

Cyrilla Yip (Registration & Baptism)

Janny Cheung (Matrimony &Baby Baptism)

Cindy Kwok (General Enquires)

Edwin Lee (Tools Administrator)

Sarah Lam (Web Administrator)

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Formed is an exciting new gateway to the best teaching videos, audio, and e-books to deepen parishioners' relationships with Christ and His Church. Fr. Deng approved the parish to subscribe and encourage faithful to make good use of this resources. Sign up by entering parish's postal code 2J3; click to "Chinese Martyrs"; fill in your name and email address to create an account; get the link from your email and start watching.
Brief History of CMCC
In July 1987, the Archbishop of Toronto approved the plan for a new parish to be built in the north-east of the Greater Toronto Area. On October 4, 1987, the first mass was held at the hall of the Divine Infant Catholic School in Scarborough, led by Fr. Paul Tang, who was the pastor at that time...
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Church Building
Chinese Martyrs 中華殉道聖人
中華殉道聖人芳名一覽表 本表詳列這次獲封聖的一百二十位中華殉道聖人的名字,大部分修會會 士的中、外文姓名,乃根據該會在香港會院公布為準,包括巴黎外方傳教會 (MEP)、道明會(OP)、方濟會(OFM)、在俗方濟會(OFS)、耶穌會(SJ)、慈幼會 (SDB)、宗座外方傳教會(PIME)、瑪利亞方濟各傳教修會(FMM);至於遣使會 (CM)因沒有會士到港,該修會的聖人名字暫按照台灣方面的譯法。 資料來源:綜合天主教香港教區禮儀委員會及澳門教區社會傳播中心
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