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CMCC Finance Council



Mission Statement / Goals
使命宣言/ 宗旨:

  • Finance Council promotes the financial health of CMCC, assures accountability and assists the pastor with his temporal responsibilities.
  • Assists Pastor and ensures the Parish’s goals are effectively administered in accordance with the guidelines, procedure requirements of the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Services offered at Church

A consultative body of lay persons established to assist and advise the Pastor in any matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish that includes:

  • management of parish funds and banking arrangements.
  • development and implementation of the annual capital and operating budget for parish; prepares annual report and periodic financial reports; communicates the financial condition of the parish.
  • assists the pastor in planning for repair, replacement, or service of property and equipment to ensure that the parish buildings and property are adequately maintained.


Members 入會資格:

Pastor to appoint members of the parish and Catholics in good standing and with backgrounds and experience in accounting and maintenance/building services.


Meeting / Training Time

The Council should meet six times each year.

Contact 聯絡:

Beatrice Tang 
email :