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EDGE and LIFE TEEN Youth Ministry


Calling for EDGE & LIFE TEEN 2022-2023 Youth Leaders and Volunteers

We are calling on parents, adults and young people to join our EDGE and LIFE TEEN Youth Ministry, which is a Christ-centred youth program aimed at walking with our youth to draw them into a deeper relationship with Christ in their journey of faith. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wishes to evangelize our faith and bring the Culture of Life to our youth.  

There are various roles involved and please come to meet us to find out more as we start our class on Sept 25, 2022.  For more information please contact us by email:

EDGE 和 LIFE TEEN 2022-2023 青年領袖及義工招募

我們很需要家長,成年人及青年人加入EDGE 和 LIFE TEEN 青年牧民工作. 這是一個以基督為中心的青年計劃,旨在與青年走在一起,使他們與基督在信仰之旅中形成更深層次的關係。這是個傳播我們的信仰和把生活文化帶給我們青年人的絕佳機會。

我們有各種不同參與的角色。請在9月25日到 Don Bosco 禮堂認識我們以便了解更多或電郵到 詢問更多情資料。

Mission Statement / Goals
使命宣言 / 宗旨:

To nurture the spiritual and character development of our parish youth rooted in the Catholic faith.Services offered at Church.

Services offered at Church

  1. EDGE - leading Grade 6-8 youth (middle school) to receive fully & be renewed by the Holy Spirit, including the Confirmation Program.
  2. LIFE TEEN - leading Grade 9-12 youth (high school) to challenge them to become disciples of Jesus.
  3. Coordinate youth activities for our parish youth.
  4. Form our youth leaders as catalysts & positive role models of discipleship.

Meeting / Training Time

  • Every Sunday 10:30AM-12:30PM
  • Every 1st Sunday
    1. Eucharistic Adoration and Sacrament of Reconciliation
    2. Youth Mass


Contact 聯絡:

John Hu - Email:
Agnes Au - Email: