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EDGE and LIFE TEEN Youth Ministry


EDGE & LIFETEEN 青少年組 2023-2024 報名

能與主同行及偕友結伴一起渡過一個充滿活力和喜樂的教友生活是多麼幸福!請來加入EDGE & LIFE TEEN青少組體驗這份生活 - 藉着以基督為中心的每週聚會,尋求屬靈的增長及與主更密切的關係。

EDGE/EDGE+:  第六至八班的初中生, 包括七年級的堅振班。 
LIFE TEEN:  第九至十二班的高中生。 

聚會時間:  每星期天早上十時半至十二時半在鮑思高禮堂。 
每月首星期天有青年彌撒及明供聖體 (10:30 am-12:30 pm.)。 

報名: 請按此鏈接網上登記 -


開課日期: 九月二十四日,上午十時在地庫登記及活動。
報名費:     $40.00

讓你透過每週的活動積極活出基督徒的生活及服務, 為主作証. 你將會發現基督徒生活是何等的精彩! 
主佑 - 希望見到你來報名加入, 並在今年九月開始結伴同行。

EDGE and LIFE TEEN Youth Programs 2023-2024 Registration

What a blessing to walk with God, journey with your peers and live a joyous dynamic Catholic life! Come and experience this through EDGE and LIFE TEEN Youth Programs. These are Christ-centred weekly gatherings for youth who are seeking spiritual maturity and a deeper relationship with God.

EDGE/EDGE+:  Gr. 6-8 youth in middle school, including Confirmation preparation for Gr. 7. 
LIFE TEEN:  Gr. 9-12 youth in high school. 

Gathering Time:  Sundays 10:30am-12:30pm @ CMCC Don Bosco Hall, except 1st Sunday with Youth Mass and Eucharistic Adoration 10:30am - 12:30pm.

Registration: Click here to register online - 


Class Start:  24 Sep 2023, 10AM in church basement for registration and kickoff activities.
Registration fee:  $40.00

Be a witness of Christ by your active life in Christian unity and services through participation in weekly gatherings.
God bless and hope to see you soon. We’ll be walking together this September.

Mission Statement / Goals
使命宣言 / 宗旨:

To nurture the spiritual and character development of our parish youth rooted in the Catholic faith.Services offered at Church.

Services offered at Church

  1. EDGE - leading Grade 6-8 youth (middle school) to receive fully & be renewed by the Holy Spirit, including the Confirmation Program.
  2. LIFE TEEN - leading Grade 9-12 youth (high school) to challenge them to become disciples of Jesus.
  3. Coordinate youth activities for our parish youth.
  4. Form our youth leaders as catalysts & positive role models of discipleship.

Meeting / Training Time

  • Every Sunday 10:30AM-12:30PM
  • Every 1st Sunday
    1. Eucharistic Adoration and Sacrament of Reconciliation
    2. Youth Mass


Contact 聯絡:

John Hu - Email:
Agnes Au - Email:

Registration: Click here to register online 報名: 請按此鏈接網上登記 -