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Celebrating Stewardship Sunday – Weekend of September 19, 2021

Posted : Sep-17-2021

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An annual celebration in the Archdiocese of Toronto, Cardinal Thomas Collins has asked parishes to reflect, in a special way, on the theme of stewardship the weekend of September 19, 2021, also known as Stewardship Sunday.

You can find special video and written resources, including a homily/reflection from Cardinal Collins on this important theme through this link.

To help us serve well, God has entrusted us with many gifts, the most important of which is time. As each of us spends only a brief time in this world preparing for our eternal life with God, what we do while here is very important. Another great gift God has given us is our talents. Joy in life comes from using our gifts creatively and fruitfully for the glory of God and in the service of our neighbour, and from celebrating the differing gifts of the people around us.

A good steward, then, is someone who receives God's gifts gratefully, develops those gifts responsibly, shares those gifts lovingly in justice with others, and makes a return with interest to the Lord, while encouraging others to do the same. Let us all reflect on the gifts and talents we share with one another as we celebrate Stewardship Sunday.