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Getting Started in Parish Ministry

Posted : Jul-30-2018

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Thriving parish ministries make all the difference in creating vibrant parish communities. In order to achieve a renewed culture of engagement, the Archdiocese of Toronto's Office of Formation for Discipleship will be hosting the "Be Disciples. Make Disciples." Parish Ministry Conference on October 20.

The conference will feature seven workshops that touch on some of the building blocks for parish ministry, including:

  1. The Mass: Christ Transforming Us from Worship into Service will invite participants to see the Mass with renewed vision toward service and discipleship. How do we best use our individual gifts for the building up of the parish and Church community?

  2. In Unleashing the Power of Deep Stewardship, Leisa Anslinger will share a story of parish revitalization through stewardship of time and talent.

  3. For those in Liturgical Ministry, This Wonderful Sacrament: A Guide for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, will be an introduction to the technical, liturgical and spiritual formation of parish EMHCs.

  4. Catechetical leaders and coordinators will benefit from Current Resources for All Catechists, which will highlight both the tried-and-true and the newest print, internet and app resources available.

  5. Engaging families in catechesis is always a challenge. Empowering Grandparents in Sharing the Gift of Faith will bring another important dimension to catechesis.

  6. We serve others in many ways, following the example of Jesus in the Gospel. Social Justice – A Vision of Support for Individuals and Families, will be a panel discussion of very practical paths for service and support within the parish and community.

  7. Last, but definitely not least is a workshop that touches every parish ministry: So You're Looking for Volunteers? Best Practices for Attracting and Sustaining People.

The conference will also feature workshops designed for parish ministries that are already well-established. These will offer the opportunity to grow and go deeper into each ministry area. Check out the detailed descriptions of all of workshops at 

Seating is limited, so register early and spread the word!