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CMCC Usher Group



Mission Statement / Goals
使命宣言/ 宗旨:

Create a welcoming environment and set the tone for every parishioner’s personal experience with our church through hospitality, courtesy, and educating visitors, as well as helping our parishioners experience the sacredness and joy of a worship service.

Services offered at Church

  • Arrives at least fifteen minutes before every mass and remains after to help clean up if needed.
  • Collects offerings at the appointed time during the mass.
  • Address and resolve distractions during mass i.e. babies crying, people leaving and entering the service.
  • Keeps individuals and items out of the aisles to allow easy traffic flow and conform to fire safety codes.
  • Assists with parking for individuals who need to be dropped off at the door or may have additional mobility issues.
  • Keeps the parish’s entry area clean and clear of debris including snow, mud, leaves, and other environmental detritus that might arise due to inclement weather.

Members 入會資格:

  • Age 16 and up.
  • Children under 16 years of age can help out as usher while supervised and accompanied by adult usher members.
  • Individual who is anticipate and take action.  Attentive to what is going on and willing to meet needs as they arise.

Meeting / Training Time

Meeting will be called when needed.

Contact 聯絡:

Ian Chung