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CMCC Audio Video Team



Mission Statement / Goals
使命宣言 / 宗旨:

  • Glorify God by providing a good and comfortable audio/visual experience for all parishioners.
  • Oversee the parish audio-video requirements and provide recommendations to the Parish Council.
  • 為教友提供一個優良及舒適的視聽環境以光榮天主。
  • 監察堂區一切有關音響視頻 設備,有需要時向堂區委員會提供建議。

Services offered at Church


  • To upkeep and maintain all audio and video equipment and systems in the parish.
  • To notify the Parish Council regarding equipment breakdowns and recommend equipment replacements or upgrades.
  • To provide audio and video services for parish functions as required.
  • To manage and/or execute new audio and video projects.

  • 所有堂區音響視頻設備的保養及維修。
  • 通知堂區委員會一 切音響視頻設備故障問題及提供行動方案。
  • 給堂區活動提供音響視頻服務。
  • 管理 或/和 執行新的音響視頻工程。


Members 入會資格:

  • Any parishioner who is experienced in audio-video work.
  • Any parishioner who is interested in audio-video work.
  • The AV Team especially welcomes young parishioners who are interested in the audio-video field. Training will be provided.

  • 任何對音響視頻有經驗的教友。
  • 任何對音響視頻有興趣的教友。
  • 音響視頻組特別歡迎年青而對音響視頻有興趣的教友。
  • 若有需要,音響視頻組會提供培訓。


Meeting / Training Time

As required 按需要。


Contact 聯絡:

Anthony Lau : 416-550-3378 

Joe Chiu : 416-740-8450