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CMCC Media Group



Mission Statement / Goals
使命宣言/ 宗旨:

Since March 2020 when the City has to locked down for the pandemic, our parish had to close its door and all public masses were cancelled. Our clergy team was concerned about the effects of isolation, disconnection on parishioners and laypeople. To try to keep the communication open, our Pastors and parish staff tried to check-in with parishioners through calls and emails; invited and encouraged people to keep in touch with each other. Through social media, CMCC media group makes productions and supports our clergy team to keep the communication open with all parishioners.

Services offered at Church

  • Create, edit, publish and share consistent, relevant contents (original text, images, video or HTML) that creates meaningful moments of connection for CMCC parish services.
  • Make sure that social media contents align with parish’s goals and guidelines. Comply with Toronto’s Archdiocese Social Media Policy and follow the archdiocese regulations.
  • Recording weekdays and Sunday Mass and editing, uploading and post videos on YouTube Channel.



  • parishioners with knowledge of social media platforms.
  • have strong computer skills and knowledge of video editing software.
  • preferably with experience on photo design, edit and processing (Photoshop, other software).
  • intermediate video creation and editing skills and experiences on photography.

Meeting / Training Time

On a needed basis.

Contact 聯絡: