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Recreation Group



Mission Statement / Goals
使命宣言/ 宗旨:

The objective of the Recreation Group is to organize activities for CMCC parishioners to participate and have fun. These activities include Soccer, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling Tournament, Food Carnival, Singathon, Walkathon, Famine 15 Hours, etc. It is purposed to encourage and build up the relationship between the parishioners of the church and the sense of belonging to the parish.

康樂組的目標是協助本堂區教友主辦有益身心的康樂活動。 這些活動包括足球,羽毛球,保齡球比賽,美食節嘉年華,百萬唱等等,百萬行,饑饉十五; 藉此促進教友之間的關係及對堂區的歸屬感。