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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion


Mission Statement / Goals
使命宣言 / 宗旨 :

  • To enrich and enhance our spiritual life by sharing the Body and Blood of the Lord with others.
  • To help us grow in holiness, in love of the Eucharist, and to live out our call to be a missionary disciple by sharing the Body and Blood of Christ.

  • 藉着分享主耶稣基督的聖體和聖血,從而增進我們的靈性生活和天父的關係。
  • 幫助我們成聖和熱愛聖體聖事,並通過分享基督的體血來成為福傳的使命。

Services offered at Church
服務範圍 :

To participate in sharing of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ during mass when celebrants are insufficient.


Members 入會資格 :

The pastor or chaplain sends the names of those he is requesting a mandate for to the Office of Spiritual Affairs for approval.


Meeting / Training Time

聚會時間 :

3 to 4 meetings per year.


Contact 聯絡 :

Sarah Lam